SPOTLIGHT: The Repairman performed by Barbara Geary

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We're a Santa Fe, New Mexico group creating original audiobook recordings.

The work we've done and aspire to yet is not possible without your help. Your "likes" via social net working buttons provided on the audiobook pages help get the word out there and we appreciate every one you give us.

What's New?

We are thrilled to announce our work can be heard in the latest episode of the TV show House of Cards. I'd like to thank JJ for putting this together with post production, a great experience, and special, effusive, thanks to Jane Aker for being the voice and talent behind the recording. As engineer I am what they call, pleased.

In other news we'll be looking at adding music and sound effects to some past and future recordings. Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be notified of what productions are in the works, vote on choices and learn first when a new recording is published.