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verkaro campaign

When entertaining and educational media is released on the web, free to enjoy and share, it's good for everybody.

Join us in our crowdfunded establishment as a quality source of Creative Commons audiobooks.

New Format

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Just A Word

We create our own content. The free audiobooks you find here, we recorded. The short stories you find here are original, distinctive adaptations or posted with special permission. Bottom line:, To the point:, Moral is: we love story-telling, reading and writing -- and sharing that love for the word in all its forms. Drop us a note and tell us how we are doing.

article audio and more

We are working on a new presentation and program you see represented by this home page, from audio only to one of text and audio leaning toward more an article format. The change here also involves a switch from the domain name of to 

You will also see new stories in text format posted here. We'll be monitoring which ones get the most Google+ clicks to help us judge what should be slated for recording and releasing into Creative Commons in audio form. Join us by casting your vote.

We'd like to post more music freely downloadable but that must be further in the future. 

Audiobook: The Tyger

This marks our first 96khz, 24 bit mastered recording, the preamp and microphone both utilizing tube circuitry.

Written by William Blake, music by Fastigium and Jane Aker on the microphone. The Tyger is our latest new recording. I hope you enjoy this poetic read.

audioAudiobook: The Red Room

"I can assure you," said I, "that it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me." And I stood up before the fire with my glass in my hand.

The Red Room

By H.G. Wells. The story begins with the narrator, who’s standing by a fire in an unknown room, confidently announcing to a couple of rather creepy elderly people that he’s never seen a ghost and is not easily frightened.

writing By W.R. Smith: Sister Hippo

Be it near or be it in a land far, far away... be it short or be it long, long ago as once ever was, Sister Hippo grew bored of her modest appearance. One day a package arrived special order and soon stood to one side, empty. Dressed and anxious to debut her new colorful and exotic self, Sister Hippo called a meeting and for Bunyoro Rabbit, the tiny Dik-Dik and Pygmy Hedgehog to attend.

Mouse joined the party to see what it was all about and sat on a pebble.

Sister Hippo thumped her great foot on the ground and said: "Now, little ones, tell me why I am beautiful." ... read more See below each page for our license.

Audiobook: The Highwayman

"And dark in the dark old inn-yard a stable-wicket creaked" A ghost story read by Jane Aker.
"The Highwayman" is a narrative poem written by
Alfred Noyes, first published in the August 1906 issue of Blackwood's Magazine, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. ... read more

By W.R. Smith: Hooked into the Process Again

Joe let me take the trot line from his hands.

I set the hooks with bits of balled up bread shaped between my fingers. It had been some time and I relished the act while my old friend sat back to smoke his brier pipe, gazing over where the "creek" widened out into the deeper stillness of a pool. A short line of bubbles broke upon the water indicating passage of something below, with lungs.

"Turtle," said Joe.

Fishing is always a gamble on what thing gets at the bait first, especially when laying for channel cats. They are slow, unexcited ramblers, and baiting multiple hooks, in this instance, was not to catch many at once as it was for spreading out the chance of catching at least one, maybe two, decent catfish. ... read more

The Unruly Sprite is now a Creative Commons Recording

I am glad to announce The Unruly Sprite is now available to our listeners as a Creative Commons licensed recording. Special thanks to Barbara Z for lending her voice to the recording and her generosity in the release of it. Downloads will be available soon.

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