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King Grislybeard Humorous Gere, Ray 
Scarlet Letter, The Classics Woods, Mary 
To Build A Fire Classic Survival Dugan, Gregg 
Pit and the Pendulum, The Classic Horror Harrison, Rod 
Cask of Amontillado, The classic horror Harrison, Rod and Armstrong, Quinn 
The Upper Berth Ghost Story Rod Mehling 
On The Brighton Road Ghost Story Carrabus, Andy 
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We have some ensemble scripts in rough draft form that we'd like to workshop with a little volunteer help. Visit the google group Verkaro Script Workshop and browse the scripts we have (currently only one) and sign up to volunteer your acting skills in a phone conference call. Help us find that balance of dialogue and narrative before we record the final.
Thanks, Warren Smith

Letters from my desk

  • Not quite a blog.
  • Sister Hippo Be it near or be it in a land far, far away... be it short or be it long, long ago as once ever was, Sister Hippo grew bored of ...
    Posted Oct 28, 2014, 6:04 AM by Warren Smith
  • Hooked into the Process Again Joe let me take the trot line from his hands.I set the hooks with bits of balled up bread shaped between my fingers. It had been some time and ...
    Posted Oct 27, 2014, 5:38 PM by Warren Smith
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  • Happy Halloween In celebration of All-Hallows Eve, some ghost stories. On The Brighton Road The Upper Berth The Empty House The Highwayman The Red Room
    Posted Oct 20, 2014, 7:25 PM by Warren Smith
  • The Tyger We've just posted The Tyger by William Blake and music by Fastigium. Jane Aker is on the microphone. I hope you enjoy this poetic recording.This marks our first 96khz, 24 bit mastered recording, the preamp and microphone both utilizing tube circuitry.
    Posted Oct 13, 2014, 8:13 AM by Warren Smith
  • Ambitious, Ambitious In other news we'll be looking into adding music and sound effects to some past and future ensemble recordings, basically raising the level of presentation in dramatic audio recordings. It's a substantially different creature in production than what we've done so far. Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be notified of what productions are in the works, vote on choices and learn first when a new recording is published.
    Posted Oct 27, 2014, 7:11 AM by Warren Smith
  • House of Cards TV Show We are thrilled to announce our work can be heard in the latest episode of the TV show House of Cards. I'd like to thank JJ for putting this together with post production, a great experience, and special, effusive, thanks to Jane Aker for being the voice and talent behind the recording. As engineer I am what they call, pleased. Listen to the recording here
    Posted Jun 27, 2014, 9:36 AM by Warren Smith
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