This is a Western romance set in the mission days of Alto California.

I originally found this hardback book at a Goodwill store in Santa Fe, famous for having the best collection of junk in town. I’d never read Mary Hunter Austin’s work before and gave this 25 cent hardback a try, (at the time there were no copies online, had I searched). That night, I imediately enjoyed the rare tone to this Western theme and could already imagine it as an audiobook.

Coincidentally, a couple of days later, while at work and talking about the lucky book find with Mary Evans (a stage manager and yes, another Mary), I found out Mary Hunter Austin had founded the old Santa Fe Playhouse–a place I worked as a sound man for a terribly fun season. I eventually recorded this with Mary Woods.**

Download the full recording: Isidro Chap. 01 | Isidro Chap. 02 | Isidro Chap. 03 | Isidro Chap. 04 | Isidro Chap. 05 | Isidro Chap. 06 | Isidro Chap. 07 | Isidro Chap. 08 | Isidro Chap. 09 | Isidro Chap. 10 | Isidro Chap. 11 | Isidro Chap. 12 | Isidro Chap. 13 | Isidro Chap. 14 | Isidro Chap. 15 | Isidro Chap. 16 | Isidro Chap. 17 | Isidro Chap. 18 | Isidro Chap. 19 | Isidro Chap. 20 | Isidro Chap. 21 | Isidro Chap. 22 | Isidro Chap. 23 | Isidro Chap. 24 | Isidro Chap. 25 | Isidro Chap. 26 | Isidro Chap. 27 | Isidro Chap. 28


  • Adapted from the story Isidro
  • Written by Mary Hunter Austin
  • Performed by Mary Woods
  • Recorded by Warren Smith

Mary Woods has given this story a fine, and warmly intelligent, narrative touch. She drove in from Albuquerque over two weeks time to record it with me. Very generously, she has agreed to release this story under Creative Commons. I am very thankful to have worked with her. Enjoy.

Final note: If I may be forgiven for this digression: In Santa Fe, me and Maki, would hang out. She told me one snowy night she would take me to a house dance. We trudged out there and the party was on. Dancing in the living room, in the kitchen, etc. When Maki asked me why I was not dancing, she didn’t wait for may answer and took me to the living room couch and introduced me to three girls sitting there. Their name was yes, Marie, Marie, and Marie. I turned to Maki and said what were the chances three Maries sitting on the same couch? Maki took out her license and I learned then her real name too was Marie.

This work is published under a CC-BY 4.0 license. You are free to share this recording. Credit should be attributed to

Presented in association with: The Public Domain Foundry with special thanks to Mary Woods for her generousity in vocal talent.

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