Announcing Gofundme

Announcing Gofundme

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a reasonable cash infusion.”

I’d like to announce a fundraiser for the book (fantasy genre) I have in crinkled rough draft form.

My elevator pitch: In Terrafoma (the book) our protagonist works to transform the world as we know it into one that might support alien life, namely his own. The quest is benign but he must operate under a continuous series of seemingly harmless lies while artfully ducking sticky complications. To hear him tell his story you’d think he had experience as a fiction writer.

This week I finished a novel length rough draft (fantasy genre) I feel good about. That would be a first. I just started a fundraiser . I know you are supposed to plan ahead at least two months before launching a crowdfund campaign but I told myself, get the rough draft down, man, keep your eyes on the road. And so, I ran myself down to my last $40. But I got the draft!

There are worse things than asking for help. When you reach out it gives someone a chance to answer – and I didn’t want to short ya’ll that kind of opportunity. :) If donating is not in your interest or budget, but it looks interesting on a gut level, a social media share would be awesome.

Sincerely, Warren R. Smith

Visit my GoFundMe

Or if you’d just like to know when the book comes out get on the mailing list, by gum.

Thank you. Warren R. Smith

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