This is a Western romance set in the mission days of Alto California.

I originally found this hardback book at a Goodwill store in Santa Fe, famous for having the best collection of junk in town. I’d never read Mary Hunter Austin’s work before and gave this 25 cent hardback a try, (at the time there were no copies online, had I searched). That night, I imediately enjoyed the rare tone to this Western theme and could already imagine it as an audiobook.

The Lagoon

”‘She breathes,’ said Arsat in a low voice, anticipating the expected question. ‘She breathes and burns as if with a great fire. She speaks not; she hears not - and burns!’”

The Heathen

“I met him first in a hurricane. And though we had been through the hurricane on the same schooner, it was not until the schooner had gone to pieces under us that I first laid eyes on him.”